No procedures.
Just dreams.

Somne is a patented, life-friendly obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment that works.

Elderly man sleeping using Somne device
Nearly 1 billion adults suffer from OSA

In the U.S. alone, undiagnosed OSA and non-compliance contribute to a $149 billion annual economic burden.

Besides constant fatigues from lack of sleep, untreated OSA often leads to complications like Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and cognitive decay.

Many OSA patients reject primary treatment or remain non-compliant because primary treatment is cumbersome and a hassle to maintain.

Man sleeping
Somne is simple. No masks, no hoses, just wrap it around your neck and dream away.

Somne will use its patented Variable Negative Pressure technology (vNEP) to provide you with a comfortable alternative to primary OSA treatment.

Trial participants overwhelmingly prefer Somne

86% of participants in Somne's IRB-approved human trials prefer Somne's prototype over their primary treatment.

believe Somne is much better than CPAP or oral appliance
believe Somne is very comfortable, without a hose and mask
feel refreshed after using Somne's prototype
would use the Somne device nightly
With a medical Rx for Somne, sleep safely and soundly

Our goal is to help everyone suffering from OSA as soon as possible.

Lady sleeping in a plane using Somne
Meet the team
Founder CEO
Bahar Wadia
Founder & CEO
Chief Medical Advisor
Jerrold Kram, MD
Chief Medical Advisor